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Pasticceria D’Antoni was founded in 1974 by two brothers, Otello and Luigi, who after moving to Rome from the province of Rieti, made the art of confectionery their own and having gone through a long period of formation, opened their laboratory/shop, which rapidly became a landmark for high-quality confectionery throughout the South-Eastern area of the capital city. Over the years, Pasticceria D’Antoni continued to expand and evolve and has now become a location resembling a Piedmont-style coffee shop, offering a broad choice of breakfast pastries, pralines, macarons, alongside the fragrant cakes and super-fresh mono-portions that are their trademark; not to mention the mini-desserts, the lunch bistrot and the aperitif cocktail bar. A true temple of refined gastronomy for any hour of the day.

In fact their hallmark, or chosen style, is that of a “super-fresh” preparation: an extremely delicate and express confectionery with classic characteristics, but with a very short lifespan (just a few hours, rarely a full day), opposed to the modern methods in vogue that, in spite of excellent ingredients, have a longer life-span. This philosophy, which depends on a special and meticulous preparation, is of even greater value today since it provides each fruit cake, each Mont Blanc, each Mimosa, each Sacher, with a unique and delicious taste – thanks to the total absence of preservatives or stabilisers and the exclusive use of 100% fresh products. The traditional “cream puffs” are re-interpreted in a more modern and elegant version as mini-desserts, without any loss in taste. Other flagship products at D’Antoni are Easter eggs, pralines and Italian classics such as the Colomba cake and the Panettone.


It all began with a laboratory/shop where brothers Otello and Luigi D’Antoni, together with their wives Lucia and Clara, started up the Pasticceria D’Antoni and a family tradition that today is still identified by the craftsmanship and passion on which the founders built and established their entire career and identity.


Now a landmark of high-quality confectionery in Collatino, and in the whole South-Eastern area of the capital city - and in response to the ever-growing demands of its customers, the laboratory has evolved and become a bar ready to welcome all its guests.


Fabio D’Antoni, Otello’s son, injected new life into a location that was still attached to tradition. The chosen style is that of a “super-fresh” preparation and an extremely delicate and express type of confectionery that is managed today by Andrea D’Antoni, a third generation member of the family.


The year of Andrea D’Antoni’s successful high-quality leavened bakery products. The careful research exercised on flour, yeast and levitation earned him a place on the podium for the best classic ‘Panettone’ at the Panettone Maximo 2020 contest, making Pasticceria D’Antoni one of the most renowned confectioneries in Rome.

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