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Pasticceria D’Antoni offers an incredibly wide variety of cakes that meet the expectations of an expert and demanding clientele. More than 70 types of classic, traditional and cutting-edge creations, all strictly super-fresh and handmade from excellent ingredients and all personalized according to request. A cake to mark each and every special occasion or event. The high quality of our products is a standard that we have been striving for with dedication, love, passion and technique since 1974 in order to give our customers unforgettable moments of sweetness. From the smallest confectionery products to wedding cakes, from the simplest tiny box to the most glamorous package - special attention is paid to every single detail in order to present only high-quality and first class products.


The lovely smell of freshly-baked cakes and biscuits, the butter that makes the handmade brioches fragrant and tender, the intense aroma of freshly-roasted and ground coffee ready for the softest cappuccino ever - it all makes for the perfect “good morning” to any given day. Just a few simple and natural ingredients are put on display in the shop window. High-quality milk, eggs, selected flour, natural yeast and fresh butter are the ingredients behind Pasticceria D’Antoni’s tender and fragrant creations. A wonderful way to start the day with a taste of freshness, or to take a well-deserved and revitalizing break from the daily grind in a lively and busy environment.


Classic, signature and revisited cocktails, craft beers, selected wines and gourmet bites to get the evening started. Pasticceria D’Antoni and its welcoming al-fresco area is the perfect place to find a moment of peace, joy and togetherness while sipping a drink and having a taste of some cooked-to-order bites. From the classic puff pastry pizza, crisps and chips, all strictly home-made, to the chef’s unique finger food and delicious tartares, cold cuts and Roman-style pinsas. The ideal location to start the night in the name of lightheartedness.


No banal lunch break, but a memorable experience of innovative and classic cuisine with special attention to well-being. From the most familiar traditional pasta dishes to unique recipes providing a perfect balance between taste and health, that allow our customers to return to work refreshed and serene; not to be forgotten the fresh rice or cereal bowls that can be completed with ingredients of your very own choice. D’Antoni guarantees an accurate selection of fresh ingredients and a seasonal and cooked-to-order menu served in an informal and cheerful environment. Alluring and innovative solutions to please everyone’s needs. D’Antoni’s kitchen is open until 9.30 p.m. to serve quick tasting sessions of pinsas and tartares to wash down with a good drink.


Coffee break, light lunch, corporate events, private parties, anniversaries, birthday and graduation parties – whatever the occasion, D’Antoni and his staff are ready to help even the most demanding customers with expertise and knowledge. From the location of rooms for parties to a home catering service, everything is tailored to make for unforgettable special events. An experienced and discreet waiting staff, buffet service, ad hoc menus, sweet and savoury bakery, customized cakes and a meticulous attention to detail are the ingredients that make Pasticceria D’Antoni a fundamental choice to render any event truly unique.


The most important day of anyone’s life depends on a great attention to detail, especially when it comes to the creation of the jewel in the crown of your wedding lunch. Just as in a haute couture studio, D’Antoni’s qualified staff are available to help the bride and groom through every step of their wedding preparation: from the choice of the best dessert for the occasion to the general mood of the event, the location and the decorations… The staff is, in fact, ready to meet any request following a series of meetings during which the synergy between the couple and the confectioners gives shape to a fundamental blend of taste and aesthetics. Carefully-selected ingredients and innovative cake design techniques are adopted by Pasticceria D’Antoni’s staff to make the best wedding cakes ever. One of D’Antoni’s cult events is the ‘Live Cake’, created by master confectioners right in front of the guests as they enjoy their wedding lunch - the cake is finally decorated by the bride with edible flower petals and by the groom with icing sugar. Party favours, seat markers and gifts for the guests - everything provides a way of creating something unique to give your guests something exclusive and memorable to take home with them.


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