Tha Lab

Tha labtasty

Tha Lab is the brand new Pasticceria D’Antoni laboratory, a proper stage overlooking the street on the one side and the inside of the shop on the other; it makes for perfect viewing if you want to admire the confectioners at work. Each phase of the production process is worth watching, but what steals the limelight is the decoration of the amazing cakes that have always been their customers’ favourites.

The scene is dominated by cakes of all kinds and sizes: from single-serve mono portions to decorated cakes, from the artistic use of sugar-paste and marzipan to the creation of chocolate eggs and pralines. Not only is it possible to watch the way macarons and the tasty baba cooked in mason jars are made, but also the whole production of dry biscuits. Tha Lab is definitely a window that provides an insight on the careful and thorough work of Andrea D’Antoni and his staff of confectioners - happy to reveal the precious secrets that constitute the greatness of each one of his original homemade, handmade products.


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